About Us

Our Philosophy

Lab 11235 is bringing family-friendly science and technology learning experiences to the greater Sacramento area. Recently, we’ve moved into our boutique location at 187 Blue Ravine Rd. #120, Folsom, CA. It’s been an amazing ride and we’ve have been blown away by the support of the Folsom community. Now, we’re on the hunt for our permanent space! It will house our junior maker space fully equipped with experimental labs and design challenge zones. Lab 11235 programs focus on empowering students to innovate with creativity, confidence and compassion. Similarly, our students are working on real-life projects is all we’re about! Our students are having a blast while learning skill sets that will last them a lifetime.

Our Values


Having spontaneous, playful, and collaborative hands-on learning that sparks a passion for deeper exploration of subject matter.


Build the trust of our community, along with programs that allow learners to pursue their passions and express who they truly are.


Being mindful is not just a state of being but is a daily practice done on purpose in the present moment without judgement.


We develop learners who are curious, courageous, and adaptable through any challenge that comes their way.


Foster learners who harness their creative abilities to uncover new ways of looking at and solving real world problems.


We are all capable of achieving big things by practicing a positive, “can-do” attitude and being ready to take on big challenges.




Chris Wang


Chris has been designing interactive, educational experiences for science centers, museums for more than 12 years in both US and Asia. Most recently, he has designed featured exhibits at the Tech Interactive of San Jose from Bio Design to Cyber Detectives. His expertise in simplifying complex topics turns every learning opportunity into a game! His passion for building interactive play spaces overflows into his home where his kids sport a three story indoor playground.

Jessi Chow


Jessi has been designing user experiences for 18 years, specializing in gamification and big data. From branding and graphics to marketing and applications, Jessi has a passion for bringing a project from concept to fruition. A silicon valley startup entrepreneur, she has successfully raised funding and designed intuitive applications for Apple and interfaces for Facebook games. Jessi enjoys spending time with her family and working on her aquariums in her free time.

Mahmudul Hasan


Mahmudul has been working in the tech industry over 20 years with big tech companies like HP, Apple, and Microsoft. He has co-founded Minor Gaurd Inc. which focuses on creating safe zones for children online. Mahmudul is an advocate for young people and continues his passion for creating safe learning environments for young minds to grow. When not tinkering with code or the 3D printer, he likes to spend time with his family kayaking, BBQing, and flying kites!


Danielle Bradley

Director of all the things

Danielle has been working in the education field for over 20 years; from Middle School Music teacher to Early Childhood Administrator and everything in between. She is CPR and first aid certified. Developing quality childhood education has been at the forefront of Danielle’s work. She loves watching people young and old achieve those “ah-ha” moments where everything comes together! Danielle believes anything is possible when you are brave and work to never settle for your present level of achievement! When Danielle’s not creating at Lab 11235 she can be found spending time with her family which often includes doing “dance mom” things to support her daughters big dream!

Erin Piper

Education Innovator

Erin makes learning engaging and exciting no matter the subject! She is a life long learner and has 8 years of experience working with K-8th grade students. With her background in human development and educational leadership, Erin is amazing with connecting with all of her students. In the past, shes worked closely with Therapeutic Pathways and Special Education Teams to meet the needs of each child. Erin believes that people are not a one size fits all format and each student a learns in their own unique way. When shes not teaching, shes coaches! Erin has been an avid soccer player for over 29 years.

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Feel free to call us at (916) 243-6104.