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Super Paper Airplane Challenge

Super Paper Airplane Challenge

Week of March 23, 2020
What is a Lab 11235 Design Challenge?

Design challenges are a week long for all ages to experiment and come up with their own solutions to a real world problem. This means hands off mom and dad! A parent’s role is to guide and ask thought-provoking questions without providing a direct solution.

With your parents’ permission, Post your Challenge Videos and Photos to Instagram with hashtags
#lab11235Challenge #superplane
Monday – Go the distance

How far can you make it go? 10ft? 25 ft? Post your distance!

Tuesday – Keep it in the air

Keep your plane up for 3 seconds or longer. How many seconds did yours fly?

Wednesday – Carry Passengers

Tape dimes or other small passengers to your plane. Can it still fly? What did your plane carry?

Thursday – Boomerang Plane

Make a plane that U-turns and flies back. How did you do it?

Friday – Jazz it up

Color, decorate and personalize your plane. Give it a cool name and present your process.

Take Notes:
  • How many planes did you make?
  • Does the pointy or flat nose plane fly further?
  • How far did each plane fly?
  • Did the plane do any tricks?
  • What changes did you make to the plane and what did you observe?

Take it to the next level

Continue the challenge, and learn much more by doing. Check out our After School Discovery Program. We pick up and drop off too.
  • Use motors to propel your plane
  • Build a remote launcher
  • Land it on a planet
  • Carry a heavy payload

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Super Paper Airplane Challenge
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