Pirates Cove

Map making, Using a compass, Costume Design
We are lab11235 pirates! Break into teams and create your pirate crew and find the treasure!

Level 1

Create a pirate Code of Conduct 

  • Watch the “Definitive History of Pirates” video so students can learn about the real pirates Code of Conduct.
  • Take out a large piece of paper and have students help you come up with your own Code of Conduct.
    • Display for the week.

Create a pirate flag emblem and pirate name.

  • Show pictures of classic pirate flag symbols.
  • Have students draw out their designs, and give themselves a name.
  • Students draw their design on a piece of folded paper (draw on both sides)
    • Place a dowel on the inside of the fold and tape to secure.

Create a pirate costume. Eye patch, sword, parrot etc.  

  • Provide students with felt and fabric to choose from to create their designs.

Create a pirate boat.

  • Can you make a boat out of Legos that will float?
    • Provide students with legos and challenge them to make a boat that floats.
  • Can you make a boat out of corks that will float?
    • Provide students with corks, rubber bands, and skewers to make a boat (model design at end of post)

Make a sundial.  http://krokotak.com/2015/06/diy-sundial/

  • Make a model for students to follow and use a wall clock for real world example.
    • Measure out the distance between each number.
  • Give students a paper plate, ruler and pencil
    • Guide them as they measure and label the numbers on the clock.
    • Insert a pencil in the middle of the plate.
  • Take outside to mark the current hour and come back to observe how the time has changed!

Level 2

What is a treasure map? Make your treasure map. Use the tea bag and coffee grounds method.

  • Give students each a piece of white paper.
  • Sprinkle the top of paper with instant coffee grounds.
  • Sprinkle paper with warm water to dissolve the coffee crystals.
    • Let sit until dissolved.
  • Using a paintbrush, brush the coffee all over paper surface.
  • Let dry.

Burn the Edges of the Map

  • Light a candle and demonstrate for students how to hold the edges of the paper to make smoke marks and/or burn the edges.
    • Best if done outside.

Build a treasure chest for your most prized possessions.

Level 3

Pirates scavenger hunt. Using the provided treasure map, find the treasure!

  • Once the aged paper is dry, have students use a compass to map out N,S,E, and W in the classroom. Label wall with painters tape to name direction and degrees.
  • Orient students to furniture/landmarks that are located at each direction in the classroom.
  • Have students label landmarks in their appropriate places on their map.
    • *You can encourage students to imagine/rename landmarks as pirate themed places
      • Ex: A table can become a hidden tunnel or cave
  • Once landmarks have been laid out, students can create a path to their treasure.
  • Students can take turns following the treasure map of their classmates to the treasure!
    • Treasure ideas: Pirate’s Booty snack, or chocolate gold coins
Concepts & Vocabulary



To start each day:
Just Dance Video “A Pirate You Shall Be”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oe_HDfdmnaM

Informational Videos:

The Definitive History of Pirates: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siCKjPCrNeQ

Informational Sites:



Design Sheet Illustrations