• M-F, 3-5 pm
  • Transportation from school*
  • Exciting weekly themes

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$100 Holds your spot, credited towards tuition upon enrollment.


The nitty gritty.

Young innovators have a blast every day doing fun, creative projects while putting their knowledge to use. Our students become immersed in their challenges while gaining confidence that failure is the path to success.

Every week in the school year has an engaging theme, and every day they complete a project with greatest pride. Students learn to work collaboratively in brainstorm sessions and white-boarding their design process – skills that will boost their path to success in the workplace of the future.

Up Next:

Week 1: Plant Science

Become a botanist and explore the beautiful world of plants and flowers with plant science this week. Dig your hands into the soil of nature to explore the biology of plants, how they grow and how they are sustained in different environments. By investigating the process of composting and hydroponics, we will build our very own Lab garden to care for throughout the year. 


Week 2: Electricity and Circuits  

Did you know you can light up a bulb with a potato? From lightning and static electricity to conductors and circuits, this week we will learn how electricity is generated and used in our everyday lives. Through interactive experiments and hands-on instruction, you will be challenged to build your own simple circuits to power an object.  


Week 3: Candy Delivery

This week we will learn about the physics of simple machines such as pulley systems that have been used by civilizations throughout history. By incorporating the design of mechanical devices, use your own engineering skills to build a character and a pulley system that you will then use to deliver your special treats. 


Week 4: Water World

Water play gives students the opportunity to think creatively, test their ideas and problem solve as they explore how things sink, float, splash, and sprinkle. Dive into concepts of physics, buoyancy and the energy produced by water. Work together with your teammates to build a boat that actually floats on our water table and races with the wind. 


Week 5: Mad Scientist

We’re all a little mad. This week you will conduct cool experiments that involve mixing chemicals and seeing reactions happen right in front of your eyes. We will be doing more than the average homemade volcano as you will get to decide your own projects. Slime, oobleck, elephant toothpaste, electric dough – the possibilities are endless!


Open Lab during pickup window

Explore all the cool stuff in Lab. This is the time where students get to try new things or build their own project.

  • Practice flying a drone
  • 3D print your own toy
  • Coding with hand motion sensors
  • Make music
  • Paint, Draw or other artistic projects
  • VR Experience (coming soon)
  • Lots of fun challenges

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