Secret Agent Club

Week of March 30, 2020
What is a Lab 11235 Design Challenge?

Design challenges are a week long for all ages to experiment and come up with their own solutions to a real world problem. This means hands off mom and dad! A parent’s role is to guide and ask thought-provoking questions without providing a direct solution.

With your parents’ permission,
Post your Challenge Videos and Photos to Instagram with hashtags
Monday – No phones allowed!

Make a cup and string telephone to send a secret message! Test to see how far your voice can travel.

Tuesday – Secret Hideout

Every secret agent needs a  secret hideout. Build your hideout so you can fit two people within. Remember, a hideout would not be complete without a door with a secret password! Hook up your cup and string phone to let your family know the secret password to enter.

Wednesday – Undercover Agent

You are about to go undercover. Prepare and create 3 different disguises. Get creative with cardboard glasses, mustaches and hats! Remember to take photos!

Thursday – The Vault

Create a laser obstacle course with string and tape! Sneak past the laser maze to retrieve the treasure: 3 crayons! 

Friday – Rocket Delivery

Create a balloon rocket to deliver the highly sensitive package (the 3 crayons) to complete your mission!

Take Notes:
  • How does the cup and string phone work?
  • What materials did you use to create your fort? How did you keep it from falling down?
  • Take a photo of your laser maze! How many strings did you use?
  • How many crayons were you able to transport at one time on your balloon rocket? How far did you rocket go?

Take it to the next level

Continue the challenge, and learn much more by doing. Check out our After School Discovery Program. We pick up and drop off too.
  • Discover how sound waves travel through your bones!
  • Track hidden footprints, lift fingerprints and discover the culprit at Lab11235 camps
  • Create and launch your own rocket! FAA approval required!

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Secret Agent Club